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DD has this mole on her lower leg and sometimes she points to it and says "ouch." Then she looks irritated if I touch it. It's just a tiny brown mole, but it is slightly raised. It appears symmetrical. Is it anything to worry about?

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Now don't start worrying yet... but I would have it checked by a dermatologist (painless and not scary... they usually just look at it with a magnifying glass under really good light for a first exam).

I have a lot of moles (thanks, dad!) and all are Ok (so far) but I do occasionally go in and have them all checked (particularly since some are in places that are hard to see like on my back).

Some of mine are flat, some raised, some small, some symetrical, some not...
One or two occasionally hurt (like when I buy a bra that rubs one in particular or when I lean hard on one in the bathtub) but not regularly and even those are ok.

There is a lot of diversity in "ok moles" out there so don't freak.

If I understood my dermatologist right (can anyone confirm/complete?), what you need to watch for (and have checked asap) are:

* moles that don't have clean/sharp edges
* moles that change size, color or shape
* moles that suddenly appear

I did have one mole removed as a young kid because it changed color/shape and the dermatologist told my dad that it might be cancerous and that they could either remove it topically and test it (and do more extensive cutting if needed) or just do all the cutting at once (before testing). My father, pessimist that he is, opted for "cut it all"... I still have a 1 1/2 inch scar to this day... BUT the tests came back clean (it was a rare type of mole that does change color but is NOT a cancer risk).

So, anyway, I'll stop blathering and cut this short...

My advice (for whatever it's worth) is: have all moles checked out at least once and then again if they ever change in any way... AND, most important, I wouldn't worry about it unless the dr worries too.

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