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concerned about ds's bm's

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(btw, it freaks me out everytime I see someone abbreviate breastmilk to bm...I am talking about bowel movements)

How long is it okay for a kid to go without having one?
I go every morning and always have (TMI :LOL ) and so I consider that normal. But ds goes days and days without. It has been probably a week since he has pooped! Several days ago I bought a box of prunes and he ate the whole box, but still, nothing. He eats well (natural, whole, foods...very occasional junk) and plenty. I am just not seeing what goes in come out.

So, first of all, is this normal? Should I take him to a doctor? There are no naturopaths around, it would be a regular MD or DO. BTW, he is not in any pain and hasn't tried to go (I mean, I don't think he is constipated...doesn't that mean needing to go but can't?)
And second, besides prunes, what is natural and gentle (preferably food) that has a laxative effect? I am not going to give him an enema, and I am sure he won't drink salt water. Any other suggestions?
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I don't know how old your little guy is, but I know it's pretty normal to go daily, every other day, every few long as he's consistant, that might just be what's right for him.

If you think he may be constipated though, lay off of dairy and other binding foods (bananas come to mind...the BRAT diet after all helps "firm" things up).

Apple and grape juice, raisins, and apricots will all work to loosen things up if needed.
You didnt say how old your DC was but my 2nd DS has had "bm" issues since birth ( off and on). When he was small ( in diapers) I would take a thermometer with vasoline and stimulate his rectum. Alot of the time it was just enough to get him to start pushing it out himself. When he was older we used glycerin suppositories for babys. I think we did that about every 2 months on average. He was not a big liquid drinker and I still @ 10 have to stay on him about fluid intake. Organic pear juice also helped my DS.
Good luck
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