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Got this in an email

Lion & Lamb Links
A periodic e-Alert from The Lion & Lamb Project
Lion & Lamb works to stop the marketing of violence to children.

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If you are frustrated by the relentless marketing of violent movies, video games and music to children, you now have an opportunity to speak up! For the past few months, Lion & Lamb has been working with members of Congress and the Federal Trade Commission on a daylong event that will allow you to address your concerns to members of Congress, FTC Commissioners and staff, as well as marketing and industry executives.

On Wednesday, October 29, 2003 the Federal Trade Commission will hold an all-day workshop on Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children. The workshop will take place from 9 am to 5 pm at 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW, 2 blocks from Union Station in Washington, DC. For more information and a preliminary agenda see

If you live in the Washington area, please make every effort to attend, at least for an hour or two. Even though polls show that 80 percent of adults feel too much violence is marketed to children, federal officials have not yet been convinced that Americans want action on this issue. Please show them you care!

If you don't live in the Washington area, please contact the FTC now to let them know your concerns. If you see problems with the amount of violence in PG-13 movies; if you think there is too much violence in movie previews; if you are concerned about the amount of violence in of video games marketed to children, you can e-mail your concerns to [email protected]. Also, please take a moment to e-mail friends or relatives who live in the Washington area and encourage them to attend.

While most of the day will consist of various panels - Lion & Lamb will be represented on two of them - there will be opportunities for audience members to address questions and concerns to the panelists. The Q&A sessions are not yet posted on the preliminary agenda, but they will appear on the final agenda: there will be one Q&A session in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Those attending the Workshop will have a unique opportunity to ask questions of the likes of Jack Valenti (the man behind the Motion Picture Association of America movie ratings system), Doug Lowenstein, head of the Entertainment Software Association (the video game trade group), and Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Congressman Frank Wolf, R-VA and Congressman Joe Baca, D-CA (co-sponsors of legislation that would make it illegal to sell ultra-violent video games to children) will speak on the morning's first panel, along with FTC Chairman Tim Muris. This is also an opportunity for you to see the short videotape Lion & Lamb has produced, showing what some of today's most violent Teen- and Mature-rated videogames look like.

We know how hard it is to take time away from work - or find childcare - but it is really important that a large number of parents, teachers, social workers and others make an effort to attend this event. We are going up against billion-dollar industries that have millions of dollars to spend on marketing and lobbying. This is a chance to show Congress and federal regulators that ordinary American voters care enough about this issue to take time from their busy lives and attend.

Please let Lion & Lamb know if you can come for any portion of the day: we will be making buttons for the event, and we would appreciate knowing how many to make. The auditorium holds 200 people, so we hope to see a lot of you there.

And please remember to forward this message to other listservs including your PTA, church or synagogue, book clubs, friends, relatives and others. Thank you for your support, and please do join us on October 29!

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________

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I wish I could ask them how come I can watch a TV program that's rated G with my kids (like MASH) and have M rated commercials (like horror movies or X-files) during it.

If these ratings are so parents can have control instead of pushing for mandatory guidelines, shouldn't the commercials be rated and placed in TV shows that rate the same or higher?
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