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Please let me know what you think!
I am not including some things on purpose, like eating and drinking, because I am just going to do it without asking their permission. Last time, once they got the gist of what I was about, they respected my birth space and our style.
Sorry the format is not looks good in the document.

NAMES -Birth Plan
Our birth plan is intended to express the preferences and desires for a natural childbirth. We fully realize that situations may arise such that our plan cannot and should not be followed. However, we hope that barring any extenuating circumstances, you will keep us informed and aware of our options. We respect that you have already attended many, many births. We want to partner with you in order to ensure the health of our baby and her mother. We look forward to a positive birth experience!!
Husband: name and phone Doula: name and phone
Labor Wishes: (barring any medical complications or emergencies) --NO medical students during labor and delivery --Please keep lights dim and room quiet and as calm as possible --Heparin or saline lock in forearm (only if doctor recommends it) --Intermittent rather than continuous electronic fetal monitoring --Please keep cervical checks to a minimum --I would like to walk and move freely --Please do not offer pain medications
Birthing Stage: --I would like to push instinctively, please coach me only if my instincts aren't so good or if I've had an epidural --Please use compresses, massage, and positioning to reduce the risk of a perennial tear. I would rather tear than have an episiotomy --Let Father announce the sex of the baby
After birth, I'd like: --To wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating before it's clamped and cut --My husband to cut the umbilical cord --To hold our baby right away, putting off any procedures that aren't urgent --To breastfeed as soon as possible
If I have a c-section, I'd like: --My husband to be present during the operation --The screen lowered a bit so I can see our baby coming out --The baby given to my husband as soon as he/she's dried (as long as she's in good health) --To breastfeed my baby in the recovery room
Baby: --No vaccinations, no circumcision, no eye ointment --No vitamin K (please discuss with me if there is birth trauma or bruising) -- I plan to breastfeed exclusively. Please don't offer anything (formula, pacifier, glucose water) to our baby at any point.

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Looks good and to the point (and a lot like mine). I'm guessing that in the document, everything is listed/bullet-point style.

Only possible suggestion, instead of saying "I would like to walk and move freely" say "I will walk and move freely during labor." I put a lot of "please" into mine, too, just to be polite, but rather than saying "I want to do this" "I would like to do this" said "I will do this" so that it isn't so much that I'm requesting it, but that I'm stating it. *shrug*

Only other thing, with:
"--I would like to push instinctively, please coach me only if my instincts aren't so good or if I've had an epidural "

Maybe more concise and easier to say:
"--I would like to push instinctively, please coach me only if requested"


Just a difference in phrasing, maybe.

Good luck

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I started with a lot of pleases and "we request"s in my birth plan and then realized that I didn't want it to seem like I was asking permission, because I'm not!

I like yours though, mine is a bit longer but still in bullet style with some stuff in bold so they can get to the important points right away.

DH told me that mine was borderline b.i.t.c.h.y and I asked him if that was a bad thing. He wasn't sure and I'm not sure, but this stuff isn't really up for negotiation with me outside of a major emergency during my labor so I wanted to be very clear about it....

I did thank everyone at the top of the page, that counts for something doesn't it?

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I've decided that all the polite hedging built into most model birth plans is really a bad idea, at least for a drug-free labor ending a normal vaginal delivery. So even though it sounds totally witchy, I have replaced "would prefer to avoid" with "does not consent to" in a lot of places, and included an alternative that I would permit where possible. I'm still hashing the thing out, but it goes a little something like this:

Smithie does not consent to the use of the external fetal monitor. Hospital staff may use a Doppler to periodically check the baby's heartbeat.

Smithie does not consent to the placement of an IV or saline lock. Hospital staff may offer liquids if hydration becomes a concern.

Smithie does not consent to the routine administration of third-stage Pitocin. If bleeding in the immediate postpartum period meets the clinical definition of hemorrhage, hospital staff may administer an intramuscular injection of Pitocin.

etc. etc. I'm trying to have just five or so of these bullet points.

For postpartum:

Smithie and Scott do not consent to the administration of antibiotic eye drops.

Smithie and Scott do not consent to the administration of ANY vaccinations, including Hep B.

Smithie and Scott do not consent to having our baby bathed in the hospital. Hospital staff should wear gloves at all times when handling the baby.

etc. etc. Again, my goal is about 5 bullet points regarding the baby's care.

I'm going to start off with a little blurb about how it was clear to me on the OB tour that standard comfort measures for mom and family are already provided by the hospital, so I'm not at all worried about that and haven't included it in my plan etc. etc. and I'm grateful that they are are doing such a good job of making birth a family affair. That will be my little compliment section.
I can't say that a respect the fact that they've attended a bajillion births, etc., because with a 30% C-section rate it is obvious that they are making things worse a good deal of the time! Statistically, a woman is probably better off giving birth in the parking lot of this hospital than in the OB ward.

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nolansmum, the only thing I would add to your plan is in the C-section part. Insist if you must have one on a double suture to close the wound. It is so very much better for you body and makes a future VBAC much more likely.

When I read they were no longer routinely doing double layer suturing and it is primarily because a single layer is faster and easier I was disgusted. Especially after reading how much better it is to receive the double layer.
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