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So, I'm confessing....

I'm completely overcome with worry so much of the time. I don't know if it's because of my ER visit and just hearing the DR say 'non-viable pregnancy' (no matter if I know he's fos or not) or if this is normal or what.

I'm trying to be a zen thinker but really I'll I'm doing is counting down the seconds until the 17th when we have an u/s.

It's worse during the week when I'm at work and have down time to surf the net. Weekends are easy because DH and I are busy doing weekend stuff.

I need to be focusing on my swelling boobs, nausea, and peeing frequency and be excited damnit!

Someone kick me in the butt and tell me to get over this damned anxiety!
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I know just how you feel Cindy! I just got my results from the doctor, my beta hcg is 8

Have to have another blood draw in a few days to see if the levels will rise. I keep telling myself to be calm but it's so hard! Maybe I'm not as far along as I thought? Good luck for your ultrasound, hope it's good news.

Tell you what: If you chill, I'll chill - deal?
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Keeping busy is the key for me. Can you start a project you'll be excited to work on? Find something else online you can use your work downtime for? I don't know what your work setup is like, but can you use your downtime for some stretches/little exercises/working on a hobby instead of surfing?
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Well... This is my 5th baby all healthy pregnancies- and I am STILL worried. I worry all the time about losing it or something happening to affect the pregnancy. Once you are pg you never really stop worrying. Then after pg the worrying continues as you watch this amazing little life- that it's your job to protect. Ahhhh motherhood...
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I am so stinking excited but I keep telling myself to not get my hopes too high so there won't be so far to fall if the ultrasound later this month isn't good news. I am working on being at peace with whatever happens. I have no reason to be worried - I just think we all do a little. It's such an emotionally charged time and I'm sure our hormones do not help. Let's all think positive because it does us and our babies no good to worry needlessly.
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I am totally worried too. I didn't worry at all for my first 2 pregnancies...young and dumb I guess.
Now I am much more aware of things that can go wrong and I'm worrying about everything!! I have an 8 year old son with autism and I'm terrified I'll have another child with autism and it is really freaking me out. I felt so much better when I asked the parishners in my bible study group to pray for the baby that it will be healthy and happy. Praying has really been helping me to uplift the worry and put it in God's hands so I don't worry so much about it!

xoxo Erica

PS I need to figure out how to add an automatic signature!
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Another worrier here, too!

My last pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage so I'm having a rough time right now.

I'm trying to relax....but easier said than done!
I alternate being totally zen, and totally paranoid. Right now I've been ill for several days and have nasty gas cramps, so I'm horribly worried, even though most of me knows things are probably fine.

ConservErica, you can add or edit your signitures by clicking on 'Quick Links' up at the top, then on 'Edit Signiture'
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