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Confessions of a CD'ing mom!

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I have a confession to make.

I am tempted to buy a very small pack of DD because Abby was given a DARLING outfit, that just looks aweful with her CD booty! I normally purchase overalls and dreses for her, but someone gave her the most beautiful pant and shirt set, that just looks rediculous with even her trim pocket dipes. Abby has not been in a DD since she was 2 months old when we switched to CD (she is 9 months now).

Oh whats a mom to do
I really can't not put her in this outfit!

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Get some bumkins. I use those on my dd with her tight fitting clothing, you can't even tell she is in a cd, it is just as thin as a dd. Good luck.
my one, very loved and coveted el bee hemp diaper is as trim as her 'sposies used to be.
ive been laying a 4 ply hemp jersey insert with a piece of cut out fleece on top inside a nikky cover and it is incredibly trim. i have to change often though, and if he poops, the nikky gets poo too.
Yep - Bumkins. Luckily we've got something very similar to Bumkins available here - except nicer - they're bright pink, mauve and blue solid colours. I've just ordered some more because some of Eliza's clothes are starting not to fit her, but I cant move up a size because then the arms and legs will be way too long. I cant want to roll them up because so many things have detail on the legs and are more that boot leg cut anyway. HH and one joey are trim, but for some reason (maybe coz they dont fit so close to the body) not as trim as a Bumkins.

Before I'd tried Bumkins though, I did use disposables for about 3 weeks, just to get a bit longer out of all her 000 stuff. Luckily it coincided with us going on holidays when I would have had to use disposables anyway due to lack of easy washing facilities.
What about cheating & using a smaller sized diaper. My 16mo old can still wear an infant prefold & small Bummis (that's what she often wears for poop time, LOL), and that's very trim. That way you wouldn't have to invest more $$ just for that outfit.

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