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confessions of a former diva....

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once upon a time i knew a lot about diapers. that's sort of an understatement. my third baby was a girl, she was my third cloth diapered baby, and i thought, my last one. and she had the coolest diapers. if any of your have been around long enough to remember the cloth baby ballerina diaper, i was the one who won it on auction, back when mother's nature was the place.

so basically, that means i'm a friggin' dinosaur at this point. when i found myself unexpectedly pregnant with #4, i was so bemused that i put together a great stash by trading with lots of wonderful wahm mamas. i was able to get enough to get me through the newborn, small and medium stages. (and if anyone who is getting ready to diaper a newborn is reading this, i put together an information only site (you can't buy anything there) about diapering a newborn with photos and suggestions -- it's outdated but it's at

but now, my sweet baby is outgrowing the last of his mediums and i've got to buy diapers. it seems like most of the ones i loved best, especially ivy rose and babymoons are no longer available. i have, really, no clue what to get for him.

i was able to get a toot sweet cover used, and have a few kiwi's coming. but other than that i'm clueless, and i have to confess that with four children, i keep coming here with the best intentions of reading everything and trying to figure out what's right for us, but i never seem to get very far. will someone take pity on me and give me cloth diapering 101 for 2004? i would really be grateful, lol.

ollie is 18 months, going on 25 lbs, and seems to be ready for a large, or at least the mediums i have, seem to be for the most part outgrown except for our fireflies.

thank you so much!

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I have seem Ollie's dipe page and all i can do is

what are you looking for AIO fitteds help us out here........
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OMG, when I first started cloth diapering DD, I came across your site. I had never even come to this board. You are the one who introduced me to the world of beautiful WAHM diapers. Nice to see you here.
Welcome back! Have you tried pockets or AIO's? They are the easiest, imo and trim b/c you don't have to use a cover.
hi joyce,

we have an elliebelly at our house too.
if you can get in on the next opening, stephanie of mudpiebabies bought jens pattern and now makes the ivy rose style fitteds and covers. she does top notch work and is one sweet wahm.

dd has fit in mediums for a long time so i'm not too up on all the new wahms. i'll let someone else point you in the right direction for the latest, but wanted to say hi and let you know you can still, sort of, get ivy roses.
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Like the previous post, I just realized that your page was one of the first diaper pages I went to when exploring the world of WAHMs. I was in total and complete shock!! And, it was so nice to see so many WAHMs represented on one page.

Small world, and best wishes on finding what works for you!
Wow!! I remember Mothers Nature!! And, I remember that ballerina diaper!! I also remember the original honeyboy auctions and the sweet pickles auctions....Just saw a Jenny Oh! diaper at the tp...boy do I feel ancient diapering wise:LOL!!
y'all are so very, very sweet. i almost hesitate to post i've become such a lurker these days
: i'm really glad if anyone enjoyed my site. when i have more time, i want to go back and update it, so it stays informational for first time cloth diaper users who might be overwhelmed by the wonderful, more detailed sites at first, and need something simple to ease them in.

as for me, well, i really do like aios. but, my fuzzi buns, which worked so well for night at first, don't seem to work as well as they used to. do they get "cloth fatigue?" and although i love the ease of honey boys, at least the ones with woven fabric do seem to wear out after a while. but i really do love them--just not sure if there's a difference between the different licenses. but good aios would be popular here
dh prefers them.

i really like having at least some covers and diapers. i love the fmbg fabrics, but those dipes don't fit ollie as well as they did ellie. i guess i just want to figure out what's out there, which wahms it's actually possible to buy from, and what works for others, especially at night!
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Well, from one dinosaur to another, I know exactly what you mean, Joyce! I started cding five years ago, so many of my favorites are not around now either. (Remember that Ara's Pants set I bought from you on MN years ago?) I saw the recent thread here with the newbron album in it - did you see that? I got a few ideas of what I'd like to try from it. I am also going to see if I can resurrect my old Oopsadaisys! pattern and just make some for this baby since I have fabrics here still from the old diaper making days.
well, um, miss patsy, if you really are going to take your old pattern out of mothballs, and just want to make a couple of larges for practice or something like that, i'm sure we could work something out ;-) i had three oopsadaisies (sp?) that i got used, and they lasted for both me, and then my cousin used them on her youngest. talk about an old favorite i would like to see come back! let me know if you do it.
Well I don't think you and I are at the same point size wise with our kiddos. Nathan is still wearing small fireflies (though just barely). For nighttime we use an unbleached toddler CPF and a wool soaker. Kiwi's are really roomy and we use a medium at night with a toddler CPF (it barely fits under the medium but it does) so if you've got a large coming that might be a consideration.

And I can always learn from the "elders" so stick around! :LOL
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oh my gosh! my kiwi covers came last night. i thought i was sort of sanguine at this point, but i am in love! they are soft, beautifully made -- even details like the wonderful metallic blue thread that sets off the hand dyed covered perfectly. and best of all, my one last babymoon prefold -- a rather enormous affair -- fits inside just perfectly and makes a great nighttime diaper.

i am so excited

now, what else do the great ones of diapering here suggest i try to acquire?
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Firefly diapers are great and instock I don't think you'd be disappointed.
sugarpeas are also great and instock at

tried those?
oh and and are three up & coming WAHMs who have got GREAT reputations building up fast at lightning speeds, but still reasonable prices because they're relatively new.

ETA --very popular and open for orders
I LOOOOOVE the Christmas applique'd AIO diaper. I may have to make one of those myself, that is really neat!
Hey Joyce,
Becky makes awesome fitteds and AIOs. I know Ollie is a boy, but I have a large LHC fitted you can borrow if you like to try for fit, eventhough its a floral
Also, Valor Kids Fitteds and AIOs are awesome too. LMK if you want to try a large AIO for fit and I can send that too
thank you for all the good advice
i'm going to check everything out this weekend!
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