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It sounds like he's experimenting with how things work, unless he is also smiling devilishly at you and going "take THAT mom!"

What would happen if you gave him a broken fan and a screwdriver? Or a radio? Or some other appliance? What if the two of you made your own fan of some sort (pinwheel fan, etc)?

It's funny how so many of the traits that can be absolutely bothersome in children end up being completely necessary as adults...if there is some way you can nurture that curiosity without it driving you insane, there might be winners all around? There's also a cool book called "How Things Work" at the library, probably, that he might like just flipping through. It's for adults but has all sorts of neat diagrams of the insides of mechanical devices.

My daughter likes to make art out of found objects. Needless to say I find a lot of objects throughout my house, underfoot...embedded in my foot... that cannot be thrown away because "MOM THAT'S MY ART!" And scraps and scraps of paper...everywhere. In my bed, in the pantry, in the laundry...
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