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confusing discharge

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Just hoping for thoughts from anyone with more info on this than me :)

I had super-light spotting at what should have been 3dpo. I almost never bleed outside of my period, except for when I have been on hormonal birth control. So that is a tad confusing to me.

Yesterday, which would be implantation day if we've been successful, I started up with a lot of super-watery discharge. I don't normally discharge nearly this much, and usually it is still of a firmer consistency at this point.

I should add that my cycles for the last 5 months or so have been totally normal. I haven't been paying a huge amount of attention to my discharge because we are only TTC this month, but I know for certain that the spotting is very weird for me.

Any ideas? Am I psychotic, or should I be thinking about these things? Anybody have a website that shows what kinds of discharge we should have and when?
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I hade borrowed the book TCOYF from a friend and I had to give if back.
If I recall correctley most women have discharge right before their period begins. I believe it is caused from the sudden drop of progesterone to estrogen or vise versa.

It is very possible that you are having implantation spotting and that could also be the reason for the discharge. Discharge is very common thruout pregnancy. IHTH.
off topic here, but you mentioned you have stopped taking flax. are we not supposed to have flax if we are ttc?seeds or oil or both? ok, back on track.
i think the webwomb site has good info on CM as well as CP and BBT. and also how to check.

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