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Every morning for the past few months, my 6 month old wakes up with phlegm in her nose and throat. She has 2-3 productive coughs, and then it's gone for the rest of the day. Every now and then, I'll see some clear discharge from her nose, but not very much at all.

I'm wondering what this could be. My pediatrician just says that it's probably dry air in the room at night or burped up milk that stays there until she gets up. The interesting thing is that she doesn't sound plugged up until after 4:00 or so in the morning, and that's when it starts. Once, she actually coughed it out of her mouth, and it was light yellow in color.

My biggest fear is that she's carrying some bacteria in her nose and throat that could turn into meningitis, as she's not been vaccinated at all yet (I didn't want to do it while she seemed sick, which has now been all of the time). I tend toward the paranoid as it is, health-wise, though.

Any thoughts or help?

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