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And thinking of those of you left waiting!! I haven't had much internet time lately, we have been working hard on trying to get breastfeeding established... I'd forgotten how hard it can be to teach a newborn how to nurse! I've become so used to having a child who lets me know that's what he wants and knows how to get it! We'll get there though, it's all part of it.<br><br>
My birth story is so very long and I just haven't had the time to write it up, but when I do I'll post it here...<br><br>
I have been getting on here occasionally to read a bit, just haven't posted. Sophie is in her moby wrap now (love it) and DH and DS went to the bus station to pick up my mom who will be here for a couple of weeks.<br><br>
Sophie has been keeping us up at night, that part is hard since we went into labor sleep deprived anyway and never really got caught up... hopefully we can iron this out soon... at least we've been through it once and we know it's temporary...<br><br>
I still have no pics uploaded anywhere but when I do I'll post them! Hope everyone is doing ok!
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