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My 4yr old started having goopy stuff out of both eyes on Saturday morning. We took her into the clinic and the Dr confirmed that it was conjunctivitis and prescribed antibiotic drops, which we started using right away.<br><br>
However, he said it would go away by Sunday or Monday, and now it's Tuesday and while it's better, it's definitely not gone.<br><br>
So, having read on the differences between bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, I'm thinking it's viral, which doesn't respond to abx.<br><br>
That said, should I continue giving her the drops, even though it's viral, or should I just stop and let the virus run its course?<br><br>
I'm thinking that from a 'superbug' point of view, I should finish the course of the abx? Or does the fact you need to finish the course only apply when there's an actual bacterial infection to fight? If it makes no difference to anyone, I would prefer not to give drops if it doesn't help because it's a real struggle to get them in (she hates it!).<br><br>
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