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My 18mo little girl woke this morning and couldn't even open her eyes - there was so much "gunk" dried onto them that I had to wipe gently over and over with a wet cloth just so she could open them this morning!<br><br>
I can tell things are draining (she's swallowing stuff) - I'm having the same thing I think (and a dry cough). I don't know if this is considered part of a cold or what. We all just got over the flu this past weekend too - I feel like we're being bombarded with things for our systems to fight!<br><br>
I gave her elderberry syrup in her water twice today. Been letting the kids play in the sun plenty. Just got her adjusted at the chiropractor today. Not sure if there is anything else I can do to help her little immune system fight this naturally. If I had breast-milk (not for a few more months) I'd be putting a few drops in each of her eyes.<br><br>
What would you do?
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