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I apologize if this is in the wrong area. My question relates to the stool softener Colace and breastfeeding.

I am 3 mos. pregnant and still occasionally breastfeed my 2 year old daughter. When she was an infant, I had taken Colace a few times for constipation. My daughter had occasonal blood in her stool from about the age of 2-8 months. It stopped, and I also had just eliminated many suspected things in my diet such as milk, and also the Colace.

Recently, I used Colace again for the severe pregnancy constipation. My daughter had a bout on and off recently of blood-tinged mucus in her diaper. We took her to her doctor, who suspected a stomach virus, but that never materialized. I wonder now if the Colace I take is upsetting her digestive system. I had suspected it was pancake syrup, which she is sensitive to and that she had tasted off my dad's plate.

Does anyone have any idea or experience with Colace effecting their nursling? I plan on very rarely using it, but I am concerned just what is causing this blood in her stool. I suspect a sensitivity to a food but it is very hard to pinpoint, and she had tolerated eggs ok and even milk ok after age 1. Thanks.
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