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Hey All,

We have formed a new yahoo group to discuss Consensual Living. It is non-punitive, non-coercion, NOT TCS. It is a small group, and by no means takes the place of MDC and all its forums, resources, and bounty of research, activism and information. But if you'd like to discuss parenting from a consent based approach, we'd love to have your input and questions. We also welcome parenting and partnering issues seeking to be addressed in a consensual manner to resolve conflicts.

Here is the list description:

Consensual living is a process, a philosophy, a mindset by which we seek to live in harmony with our families and community. It involves finding mutually agreed upon solutions, where the needs of both parties are not only considered but addressed. Everyone's wants and needs are equally valid, regardless of age. Conflicting wants or needs are discussed and mutually agreeable solutions are created or negotiated which meet the underlying needs of all parties.

Beginners to this concept are welcome to join this list, living consensually is an ongoing process of discovery. We ask that you be open to or on the path toward living consensually. We hope to explore the issues by asking questions, and sharing our experiences. Parenting is a sensitive issue for many people but we are all here to practice this process, and can do so if the environment remains one of respect, compassion, exploration and understanding.

Here is the link:

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