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Consent Forms

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I toured the hospital birth center where I had ds because they've updated it - jacuzzi's in every room, etc. I didn't sign anything yet, but I'm wondering about the consent forms. When I had ds, they seemed to get my verbal consent for everything - even my OB asked for verbal consent before doing anything. Is the consent form mainly a blanket thing for if I'm not able to make decisions about my care or something? Do I need to think twice before signing it? Obviously I have a ways to go until the baby is born. I should have asked to see a copy of the form at least, but I didn't think of that. Is there any good information out there on consent forms? BTW, for a hospital, these guys really are reasonable - they have the tubs in every room, encourage mobility and eating anything you want during labor, etc. But it's still a hospital even though they call it a "family birth center." Thanks!
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I would NOT sign their consent forms. But then again I would not choose to birth in a hospital. IMO both are asking for trouble.

I'm not an expert or anything, but there's a thread on here somewhere that I can't find for the life of me about whether or not the hospital has to follow birth plans, and someone suggested that, in fact, the better way to get what you want is to customize your consent form in such a way that requres the hospital to get your verbal permission for everything. Otherwise, from what I hear, most consent forms are "blanket" and essentially give them the right to ignore what you want. The person posting suggested checking out a document on ICAN's website:
Go to the "Resources" link, then "White Papers", then scroll down to find
"Enforcing and Promoting the Rights of Women Seeking Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC): A Primer"
Halfway through is a section about customizing your consent forms. It says this is the "new birth plan." It has some good insight into the question you're asking.
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