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We just got a letter in the mail yesterday with application forms for what appears to be a public preschool. They didn't actually include any information about the school
: So I don't know where it is, how many hours/days a week, what they do there or anything. Just the application and instruction to go somewhere to register on a certain day.

DD is at home with both her parents all day and hasn't been to any daycare or "preschool" program before. She loves to play with other kids and I am thinking she might really love preschool. DH takes her to playgroups but doesn't have much social interaction outside of those, and I think she'd love more opportunities to make friends and play. So a free preschool seems like a good idea, maybe!

How do I know if it's any good? What questions should I ask? What is a good teacher/student ratio? What should I look for?

Also, let's say we reigster her and send her but decide later that it's not what we hoped for - are there likely any repercussions for pulling her out?

I just wasn't expecting to be dealing with this! Homeschooling is a posibility but we would see this more as a social opportunity, plus a place for her to build a little confidence, rather than any academic.

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