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Constant, incessant, SCREAMING.

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Okay, my son is 20 months corrected age. He has lately turned to screaming all the time. I've tried to watch what triggers it. Everything triggers it. Not just crying but, full on gasping, whailing, shrieking, screaming. I am at my whits end.

I have tried speaking softly. I have tried letting him scream with me there next to him, reassuring him. I have gotten to the point I was so angry, I put him in his room to scream, b/c *I* needed at time out or I was going to snap.
: I have tried tiring him out. Nothing. I just don't know what to do.

He bangs his head. He hits his arms on things. It is awful. We try to stop him, but we've just said that "hey, when it hurts he'll stop, right?". Wrong.

He has mild CP and he's frustrated. We can't walk when his peers are. I get it, but the screaming is drivng me to questions my own sanity and I am getting really angry with him on a daily basis. It's just ridiculous.

He screamed the entire flight from Züruch to Boston 3 weeks ago when we went to visit my mum. It was so bad, that we we asked to move to the empy first class section of the plane so thhers did not have to deal with him. There nothing pysically wrong with him as we did have brief relapses of solitude, until he got PO'ed again.

He is not really vocal yet, so talking to him when he's like this is of no use.

Help. I am losing my mind.

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I can't really offer much help, but I remember ds being like that at times. He also had late verbal development and I wonder if that might be part of the issue. My son will now occasionally scream that insane ear-shattering scream, but now he understands when we tell him not to do that...if he is going to scream, please do it in a different pitch so it doesn't make our heads explode. :LOL He is slowly learning to control it as he slowly gains verbally.

I have also had to stop him from the 'lets slam our head / body into the wall and scream because it hurts' behavior. I can't tell you exactly what helped, but either something did or he just outgrew it. I don't think it was one specific thing that helped...sometimes holding him helped, sometimes it made him crazier...same with distractions, finding something else to slam into like jumping/falling on our king size mattress (on the floor), showing him to bang his frustrations out on drums/rattles/shakers, having him draw his frustration, putting him in the tub where he could splash...and a million other 'find another way to express frustration' type things.

Mine is 3.5 now and we really don't see the behaviors very often at all any more. I know it is insane. My brother actually gave me earplugs and I found a pair of noise deafening ear protectors (for the gun section at a sporting goods store) for when I had a bad headache and just couldn't take it any more. I felt idiotic, but I was just out of ideas and patience and didn't want to go postal on my son.

I hope other mamas have better suggestions. Waiting to outgrow a behavior has got to be the most frustrating advice ever.
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Thanks for the thoughts. Sometimes it feels like you're the only one and it will never stop, YK? It's good to hear he eventually got over it. I didn't think of the drums or spashing in the water. maybe I'll try it next time.

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