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constant sore throats!

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Hi everyone, my 7 yr old dd gets sore throats and tonsilitis about every 3-6 weeks. Her pediatricians are no help - another dose of amoxy and they think all is well. Before you say it, I have already changed doctors twice and am in the process of looking again. But in the meantime I kindof have a feeling this may all start from allergies (I have severe allergies - sinus, etc. and do not take any perscription meds because I get migraines as a side effect) I think that maybe from clearing her throat all the time it ends up red and easily suceptible to bacteria. Anyway, do any of you know of any homeopathic or natural remedies for kids and adults for upper respiratory allergies? Thanks, Danielle
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I dont but even though your oppsed to it you could put her on allergy meds for 1-2 months just to see if thats the problem. I had reoccuring ear infections and tonsilitis as a kid and it was from allergies. Or you could look at her diet and see if its something she's eating. Dairy is a big offender in creating to much mucus and blocking drainage tubes. I know soy was giving my dd serious grief and she couldn't hear for a year because of it.
I am with Satori, food intolerances can aggravate environmental allergies.
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