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constipated baby?

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Hi, I am new to this board and need some reassurance. My baby boy is 3 months old and totally breastfed. He has always had a bowel movement every other day but in the past 2 weeks he has gone once a week. He is a big eater so I know he is getting plenty (at least every 2 hours for 30 mins at a time). He was 7#7oz at birth and is now over 12#. He has grown 5". Could this be normal or should I worry? Btw, I have 9 other children and have never had this happen before! I feel like I have never had a baby before. LOL
Thanks for any help.
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It's normal as long as the once a week BMs are huge!
Unless the poop is hard little pellets, it isn't constipation and is nothing to worry about.
Some babies so efficiently digest breastmilk that there just isn't much left to come out the other end.
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Yep, what Stafl said.

If he seems uncomfortable and gassy, you could try massaging the rectum with a warm wet washcloth, inserting a rectal thermoter covered with petroleum jelly, or inserting part of an infant suppository. Yes, I learned this the hard way -- Bleuet went a week and a half sans poop. And he's my first, so I was really freaked out.
I'm just posting again to note my marvel in the fact that I just responded to the question of a mom with yes, 9 + 1 = TEN children! You must be one amazing mama! I hope I read a lot more from you on MDC!
I appreciate you all bringing my worry level down a few notches! I never remember worrying this much with the others...old age maybe?

Well the cure came after I wrote this post and then called the doctor and the secretary said the dr would call back. I no sooner got those 2 things done and within minutes he went big time! LOL. So I know what to do from now on. Just post on Mothering and/or call the dr. Btw, the dr said to give him 1 oz apple juice mixed with 1 oz water. I have never heard of that. I really don't want to give him a bottle yet, either. I will try the washcloth and thermometer suggestion.

Thanks, everyone for your help. I guess this goes to show I have a lot to learn!

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Btw, the dr said to give him 1 oz apple juice mixed with 1 oz water. I have never heard of that. I really don't want to give him a bottle yet, either.
I would not do this. Even if I were formula feeding. He is too young for juice.

I do understand why he suggested it though. Apple juice has a diarrheal effect. There have been warnings in the past about giving too much to babies because of this.

Three months is the age for a growth spurt. When my oldest hit these , she only pooped every 7-10 days (there was a lot of it). When my next babe came along; I was surprised he pooped so often!
Thank you for that info on the juice, Carla. I was sceptical about giving the juice and I'm glad I didn't have to. He is growing very fast right now. I am so amazed! None of my other children grew quite this fast, but they were all 2 weeks late and Joe was 2 weeks early and only fit in preemie clothes. Maybe that's the difference here.

Thanks, again everybody.

I dunno, my first was and is still prone to constipation (real constipation - hard poos) and apples, applesauce, and applejuice seem to make it worse instead of better. sounds like bad advice on so many levels.
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