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One of my poor little guys is very constipated. He's mostly breastfed but he does have about 8oz of formula a day. When he goes you can see he's in a lot of pain, legs drawn up, straining, crying
The poo is hard little "nuggets" He hasn't gone on his own in almost 3 days. I did do the thermometer trick yesterday and today. I've been massaging his belly, bicycling his legs, giving him a warm bath, putting a hot water bottle on his belly. I've done 24hrs with no formula and he's still constipated.
I really don't know what to do anymore. Any one have any advice?
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Poor baby
DS has struggled with constipation too. He only goes regularly if he gets his daily dose of flax seed oil, but I see your baby is way too young for that.

Can you wean off of the formula and just breastfeed? Sorry, I'm not sure why your doing the 8 oz, but thought I'd ask.
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You could try a very small amt of organic prune juice mixed with filtered water and let him drink it.

But to prevent constipation in the future, I second the go off formula suggestion, and dramatically increase YOUR intake of water. It will help his system greatly.
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