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I'm new at this, but I have a question about washing diapers, and Kissaluvs contour diapers in particular.

I've been doing a cold rinse, then a warm wash cycle. After this, I can see poop stains on some of the diapers (and I figure the ones that don't have poop stains most likely were not pooped on!) and I'm wondering do I need more detergent? Another wash cycle? Or are poop stains normal and something you accept?

Also, the Kissaluvs contours don't get as clean as the rest of the diapers(prefolds, Happy Heinys, FuzziBunz, Wonderoos). They seem to hold the stains much more - and they also take much longer to dry. I like the contours for how they fit and since they're more affordable than the fitteds or pockets... but washing them is a PITA. Anyone else find this to be true?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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