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I wanted to see what kind of contractions are normal at this stage. (I'm 19 weeks.) Up until now I've had 1 or 2 after an orgasm, and sometimes noticed my stomach was hard when I needed to use the bathroom. I know all that is normal.<br><br>
Yesterday I had to slam on my brakes while driving and went from about 80 miles an hour to dead stopped in 20 feet or so. The seat belt went very tight against my uterus. I had a lot of contractions after that... a lot at first, and then off and on for a few hours. I felt a lot of baby movement all night.<br><br>
today I feel some twinges in my cervix. I don't feel any more contractions, just feel like my cervix is sore and I would say it felt like the baby was kicking it if I was further long in pregnancy.<br><br>
Any idea if this is normal? I called my midwife but haven't heard back yet.<br><br>
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