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Contractions or just braxton hicks??

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So, I'm having 'contractions' at the moment, but the thing is, I only feel them in my front middle - the sides and back are sore, but only in a relational kind of way, not because I feel any direction movement there... But, they're pretty strong/painful and also fairly long (30-60 seconds, I'd guess, haven't timed them so am pretty unsure) and also fairly close together (5-15 minutes)...

But, since they're only in my front, these are (probably) only braxton hicks, right? Or can you have "real" contractions and just feel them in your front/middle?? My lower back *is* pretty sore, but yeah...
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are you due now? the first part of my labor felt like bhc just more regular...we spend several hours saying "is this labor?" then it got stronger (i had to breathe through them) and it was really labor. i don't remember where i felt them.

just relax and enjoy the early parts of labor, if you're in labor. you'll know--they will get stronger and closer.
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