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Hi everyone,
So I'm temporarily living with my mom who is helping me take care of my 20 month old daughter. She has been supportive of me starting to date again after a break up, and I've left my daughter with her for a few dates so far.

Last night I went on a date, went out to dinner, then after took a walk and ended with a nice make-out session. As I get in my car, I see 23 missed calls from my mom in the time span of 45 minutes!!
Those were the 45 minutes that I was on the romantic walk with my date and not keeping track of my phone. Naturally, my heart jumped and I thought something happened to my daughter... I called my mom to find out that NOTHING happened, she was just "worried about me since I wasn't responding." I got to my date at 7:45 and this was 10:45, which I felt was a perfectly reasonable time for 30 year olds to be out LOL.
I come home to get a lecture from my mother who was "extremely disappointed" in me that I stayed out "so late" and didn't answer her calls. She said she was worried sick and already thinking I may be kidnapped/murdered/etc. AM I MISSING SOMETHING OR IS THAT COMPLETELY NUTS?
It's been difficult mentally accepting that I am living in my mother's house for the moment and heavily depending on her for help. I thought it was great that she was so supportive of me going on dates and willing to watch my daughter, but as a 30 year old woman I feel a little ridiculous having to check in with my mother on a date? Maybe I'm missing a perspective here so I'm looking for some opinions…
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