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This press release came through on my work e-mail. I'm not affiliated, yadda, yadda but thought those of you on MDC might be interested in this. Mods, please delete or move if there is a more appropriate thread forum. Thanks

Biomedical Market Newsletter Press Release

-- A National Forum for discussing the challenges and solutions facing patients, providers and payers involved in childbirth
-- Bringing Together: Obstetricians, Pediatricians, Family Physicians, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, Certified Midwives, Nurses, Doulas, Educators, Lactation Professionals, Hospital Administrators, Health Insurers, Regulators, Advocates, Legislators and Insurers to address the major contemporary controversies in childbirth

Contact: Alan Huber
512-709-4022 phone
[email protected]

Austin TX USA -- Medical Industry E-Mail News Service(TM) -- Dec 04 2008 -- Controversies in Childbirth, March 27-29 2009, is the first-ever conference organized as an open forum for discussion and debate of the crisis in childbirth in the U.S. today.

Where and When:
Dallas /Ft Worth -- Ft Worth Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, March 27-29 2009.

"The Controversies in Childbirth Conference is a one-of-a-kind neutral venue and event whose only agenda is focusing on the crisis in childbirth in the U.S. today," says Alan J. Huber, its Founder/Director. "This is the first time all parties are invited to present their viewpoints in an untainted setting designed specifically for intelligent, important discussion and progress."

Who Should Attend:
The entire community will be under one roof at one time, says Mr. Huber, who is inviting OBs, midwives and doulas, nurses and other medical practitioners, directors of hospitals, malpractice and other insurance providers, lawyers and advocacy groups.

What is the Goal:
"To find common ground among patients, providers and payers, and benefit the parents-to-be, who have found their choices more and more limited," Mr. Huber says.

What Won't Happen:
"There will be no preaching to the choir here," says Mr. Huber, Founder/Director. "Voices may be raised, but surely not in harmony. This conference is absolutely long overdue."

How to Register:
Go to or call 360-314-6552. Special group, government and student, resident and international attendee pricing packages are available.

Conference Subjects:
A wide variety of subject matter will be covered in sessions that promise to deliver pointed comments, opinions and debate/discussion.

Three Very Timely Sessions Have Just Been Announced:

"Washington Update and Overview," dissecting how some of the promised "changes" from President-elect Obama will effect the childbirth industry. Several high-ranking government officials have been invited to speak on what's happening - and will happen - on the Hill.

"How the Recession Can Effect Your Practice," focusing on how newly unemployed and uninsured patients seeking childbirth services will be able to pay medical bills.

"Getting Heard by 18-35 Year Olds," discussing 21st Century communications texting, email, blogging and choosing news sources based upon personal digital trust.

Other Sessions:

"Is There Any Benefit to Low C-Section Rates?" Stu Fishbein, MD, FACOG, Pauline McDonaugh, President, Elective Cesarean Network, and Pan Udy, President, ICAN

"Hurdles Facing Birth Practitioners and Facilities," Scott Ransom, DO, MPH, FACOG, and President, University of North Texas Health Science Center

"Why OBs Own or Backup Birth Centers?" Kenneth Blau, MD, FACOG, Connecticut Childbirth & Women's Center

"Homebirth in the Hospital: Integrating Natural Childbirth with Modern Medicine," Stacey M. Kerr, MD

"Are Cesareans Causing Premature Deliveries and Adding to NICU Costs?" Lucky Jain, MD/MBA, Exec Vice Chairmen of Pediatrics, Emory University

"Do Natural Birth Advocates Hurt their Own Cause?" Karen Fennel, MS RN

"Techniques and Safety Guidelines for In-Hospital Vaginal Breeches," Michael Hall, MD FACOG

"Centering Pregnancy: Improving Delivery of Prenatal Care," Sharon Schindler Rising, CNM, FACNMIs

"Statutes that Allow Providers to Accommodate Patients' Needs and Desires," Max R. Price, JD, law firm of Max R. Price PA

"The Great Home Birth Debate," speakers TBA

"Who Will Deliver Tomorrow's Babies, and How to Manage These Practitioners?" Kevin Haeberle, JD, Exec VP, Integrated Healthcare Strategies

"Birth Models that Work," Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD, FSFAA, Sr Research Fellow, Dept of Anthropology, University of Texas

"Case Studies on Hospitals Coping with the Financial Realities of Maternity Care," Becky Harde, NC, MS, HCAD, Robert K. Watson, M.D. FACOG, CPE and Janice Whitmore, from Andrews Women's Hospital, Baylor All Saints, and Richard Morris, former Administrator, Pascack Valley Hospital

"How a Nursing School Trains Birth Companions to Support Mothers Before, During and After Childbirth," Elizabeth Taylor Jorden, DNSC, RNC, John Hopkins University School of Nursing

"New Concepts in Malpractice for Birth Professionals," Rick Lindsey, CEO, Prime Insurance Company

"Improving Pre-Natal Care for At-Risk Women," Jennie Joseph, LM CPM

"Don't Confuse Me with The Facts: How Obstetricians Ignore Data in their Quest for Healthy Mothers and Babies," Marjorie Greenfield, MD, FACOG, Assoc Professor OB/GYN, Case Western Reserve University

"Does an Erosion of Abortion Rights Erode a Woman's Birth Rights?" Lynn Paltrow, JD, Exec Director, National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), and Kathy Ruse JD

"The Myth of Obstetric Malpractice: Is Defensive Medicine Based on Wrong Assumptions?" Louise-Marie Roth PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Arizona

"Our Patients Have Seen the Movies: What Should We Do Next?" Deborah Pascali Bonaro, Doula/Doula Trainer, and Producer-Director of "Orgasmic Birth"

Extras? A "Free Baby Expo -- featuring everything-baby for the 80,000-plus births expected in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex in 2009" -- will be held Friday through Sunday, March 27-29, at the Ft Worth Convention Center.

Information on exhibiting opportunities is available at:

For sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, please contact Cynthia Lear-Stokes RN BSN 503-887-2922 or email: [email protected]

How to Register:
360-314-6552 phone

Special group, government, international and student pricing packages available.

For Further Information Contact:

Alan Huber
Business of Birth Intl Inc
3300 Bee Cave Rd #650-260
Austin TX USA 78759
512-709-4022 phone
512-366-9815 fax
[email protected]
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