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In the car this morning, with 2 yo DD and 4 yo DS:

Lea (to Kristoffer) "You are stupid."
Kristoffer: "No, you're stupid."
Lea: " 'stoffer is stupid."
Kristoffer: "You are not allowed to say it. You have to say that you are stupid."
Lea: "Do not say Lea is stupid! (Spitting raspberries) You're stupid."
Me: "No one is stupid."
Lea: "You are not allowed to say it mom."
Me: "Yes I can."
Kristoffer, "No mom. You are an old sausage mom. You have to put your finger in your eye. And then your eye will come out."
Me: "No, I will give you a hug and kiss instead."
Kristoffer: "No, you can not hug and kiss. You are not allowed."
Lea: "Or I will put you in jail."
Kristoffer: "You are not allowed to look at me mom." (Hides his head.) "Do not look mom."
Lea: "You are not allowed."
Me: "Is Lea a parrot?"
Lea "No, Lea not a parrot"
Me "What is she then?"
Lea "Lea is a big girl."
Me: "Lea is a little girl."
Lea: "No, Lea is a big girl. Mom is a little girl."
Mom: "Oh, well, thank you."
Kristoffer: "Mom, I'm not a big girl. I am a MAN. I will be bigger and bigger and longer and longer, and then I will be as thick(fat) as you mom."
DH: laughter

(And I am not that fat! It looses a bit in translation, but I think you get the idea. I know some of the things are not "nice" but I am actually glad they express themselves so well and really think it is a blast. And in day to day, DS and DD get along really well, so I think that makes my view of it humorous as opposed to bad.

Please share funny conversations your kids have.

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The other day the 5YO neighbor girl was her playing with 4YO ds. He put some turtles in a wagon and she wanted horses, NOT turtles.

G "I don't want to play with you anymore!"
F " what's wrong?"
G "I didn't want turtles! I'm going home!"
F " what?"
G "you put turtles in there and I wanted horses!"
F (takes turtles out) "THERE! does that make you happy?!"
G "hm" (little sass)

I think F gets HIS sass from his dad....
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