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Converting Prefolds to Fitteds

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I can't find that recent thread. I'm MDC Search impaired. Who has instructions for the conversion?

Also, are there sewing mamas here who will convert my prefolds for me if I can't convince my mother to buy a new sewing machine?

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Now that I'm at work and not busy (I was at home with kidlets when I posted earlier), I found the thread:
I've been on a diaper buying spree lately. I have so many diapers, I wouldn't have to wash all week if I had a couple more covers. Hmm... :LOL

I really want to convert the ones I've got. I think that may help them sell when I'm done, too.

Thanks for the other link. I'd never seen that one.
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You are very, very welcome! I seem to be on a link spree today anyway! :LOL
I converted an infant one we had. Pretty easy and they look really cute, IMO. I think you can do it.
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I know a mama who does this - I'm going to send her a couple tomorrow. I asked her for permission to give you her email addy. If she's up for more "work" I'll pm ya.
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Thanks, EJ.

I don't know how to sew. I'm sure my mom could do it, but she doesn't have a sewing machine right now. I can't convince her to buy one, either. I've been trying for...two years. Argh!
Oh, oops... thought you had a machine. Duh... missed that part. I would say I'd do them for you, but if you found a "pro" already then that's probably better for you anyway.
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