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short version... mom who believes son faced an unfair trial undertakes a massive makeover, befriends juror from the trial and tapes conversations where he says he was not impartial...

amazing. Outside of the murder and the trial itself, the story is amazing. I think it was entrapment and I'm not sure how I feel about it but she trusted her gut and she was right... I don't think my mom would have done all that for me.

Allo went on to explain that he didn't know Giuca directly, but used to hang out in his clique and heard rumors about the Fisher slaying - something he failed to mention when questioned under oath during jury selection. Asked if he had been curious about newspaper accounts of the trial, he responded that he'd read them. He also bragged that he had been the first one during deliberations to vote for a conviction.

"I shouldn't have been in that jury," he said
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