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Conyers/Covington MdC moms?

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Hi all!
I will find out Monday if I have been offered a contract to teach in Newton county. Wondering if there are any MDC moms in area. Seems to be a blonk area when I search! Looking forward to responses!
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Hi! I'm in Covington. Have lived in this area for about 4 years now.
Unfortunately all of my friends are pretty mainstream but I'm sure there are more of us naturals out there. Would love to get together if you end up out here.

We are new to Conyers from Tampa staying with my mom while we scope things out. I would love to meet other mdc moms. We are really trying to find out about the community. Feel free to contact me at my email [email protected]

Hey Reagan and Jill. It looks like we're moving! I was offered a job & just have to tie up the paperwork. We have to pack up & report by 7/20 so life is pretty interesting right now. Looking forward to talking soon!


ps - any recs on peds etc.?
I use Dr. Hugo Skornik at Conyers Pediatrics.
Hey Mandy!
We're coming to tCovington/Conyers 2morrow to check out houses and daycares. Any advice about neighborhoods? Are there any healthfood stores? I did a search but it seems that trips to Earthfare or Whole Foods might be the best option. Any other little tidbits of wisdom? I too am the crispier one of my friends. I used to live in Civington 12 years ago. Me recollection is that it's a very traditional area. Coments?

Ps - sorry I called you by your dog's name before. I read the end instead of the start of your tag line!
Sorry I didn't read your message in time klstomi.
Some neighborhoods I am familiar with are Ashebrooke - in Oxford, Glen Echo - in Covington, Holly Hill - in Conyers, Covington Place - in Covington. Not sure what time of price range you are looking for...
I haven't found any health food stores so far. Publix has a decent organic section and there are a couple of organic farms in the area. My email is [email protected] - if you email me I'll give you my phone number and we can talk if you'd like.

Hey Mandy, Jill & Melinda! Am currently packing to drive into town about Saturdayish. Melinda - I saw your reply but have been furiously boxing. I was wondering if you had any recs re: peds etc. You've been in the area for a while. I do wish there were more organic food opps. Kroger has a small section but it is expensive!

Originally Posted by klstomi
I was wondering if you had any recs re: peds etc. You've been in the area for a while.
I am looking for a good one one too. I hate our current ped, do not use either office for Children's Medicine of Rockdale. They keep running off the good female peds and the men are rude. We usually have to see Dr. Able which is not a problem when if comes to my boys but when it is for Julianna he blows me off. It is next to impossible to get referrals for her but a breeze when it comes to the boys.

I talked to several of the moms at Julianna's ballet school and they have all noticed the same thing. He seems to think moms are making too much out of things when it comes to the girls but our instincts are right one when it comes to boys.

If you are going to be in the Covington area I highly reccomend Dr. Lisa ****** or Dr. Cheryl Manning. They were both with CMR and got fed up and left for their own practices. I would love to use them but hate the idea of having to drive 30 minutes with a sick children just to get to the waiting room.

If you are looking for a dance school I reccomend Conyers School of Ballet, Julianna has been there since she was three. I do the website for the school and can be found this fall answering the phones as the desk mom Monday evenings.
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Hey girls!
Finally hooked up computer. Move was too eventful (lost keys, no power...). Anyway - unpacking, school started on Friday, & tooling around area. I forgot how cute this area is. Turner lake complex is GREAT! Talk to you soon!
Welcome back! Turner Lake is our favorite park to go to. My boys love to fish there even though they never catch anything. If you follow the road around the side of the ballfields there are wooded trails to walk on.
Hey Melinda!
We haven't graduated to wooded trails yet. Still have to drag stroller along bcz ds walks then gets tired, walks then gets tired..... I suppose I could bring the joggin stroller with the big honking hard tires. I'm just so happy to be on any trail with him (even paved) and not have to constantly watch for 'gators. It's really nice that it's a 2 minute drive for us.
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