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Cookbooks, or internet??

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I'm looking for some good recipes!

I just made a yummy broccolli stirfry and my very first granola and granola bars!

Anyway, I'm trying to find good, fast and easy recipes. Even if I can do prep work the night before or something.

Is it best to find a good cookbook or find recipes online?

Do you have any suggestions...I even like the vegetarian sites even though I'm not. I'm too cheap right now to buy meat so we really are eating a no meat or at least very very little meat diet.

(as a side note I think it would be cool if we could make a MDC cookbook with our own recipes in it...can you imagine the money we could raise for the site!)
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I'm with you - I love quick, easy meals. I personally love cookbooks - I like to page through them and get ideas - I only use the internet when I have a specific recipe I am looking for and can't find it in any of my books.

Some good cookbooks for easy recipes are Celebration of Wellness, Laurel's Kitchen, Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family. I just got this book "Quick Vegetarian Pleasures" out of the library on the recommendation of a couple of people on the boards but haven't tried anything yet.

an MDC cookbook is a great idea!
Hello! I get most of my recipes online at RecipeZaar There I can read reviews, write reviews, and even ask the author of the recipe questions if I need to. Since I have started searching there I have had a lot more success with cooking and throw away less food because something just did not turn out right. Good luck!

(btw, they do have a vegeterian and also a vegan category!)
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