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cookie-cutter recipe?

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My dd wants to make cookies using cookie cutters. I don't even have any regular flour in the house, other than some whole wheat. If we are going to make cookies I'd prefer to make some that the baby and I can eat.

Does anyone have a recipe they've used that avoids the following:


There's more, but I don't think the rest would be in the recipe anyways.

Otherwise I'm turning to the old betty crocker cookie cookbook most of us seem to have and trying my own substitions... I'll let you know...

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I'm NAK and can't get up right now, but we did take a regular sugar cookie recipe, replace the eggs with ground flax, butter with crisco and then just added our wheat-free rice mix til the dough was thick enough to roll out. It was delicious! (but hey, that much sugar baked in a circle tastes good no matter how you dress it up
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