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Cool Fun Easter Celebration Ideas for 3 y.o.

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At Christmas, I painted hoofprints and a reindeer nose print on our glass tabletop next to the reindeer food my 3 year-old twins made for the reindeers. I also left hoofprints on some presents and the window the reindeers were going to fly through to get in our apt.

Of course, we'll do an Easter egg hunt. But I'm looking for some really cool fun ways to celebrate Easter. My children still talk nearly daily about Christmas and I want them to have equally great memories of Easter.

Thank you!
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Well, at 3, both our kids spent hours and hours asking us to hide the eggs again. So, I'd hide A LOT of eggs (I confess to using the plastic kind for this because if they don't find them, they don't rot!).

You could do bunny prints on the floor and out the door.

How about leaving a few cotton balls (a.k.a. tufts of hair from a bunny) lying around?
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