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Cool Sunglasses FSOT!!!

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I have two pair of sunglasses:

The first are a vogue (italy) frame. They're sort of tortoiseshell orangish and brown and oval, slightly large and Jackie O-ish. The lenses are a little scuffed up and are brown. The frame is model VO2187-S and is in excellent condition.

The other pair aren't true sunglasses. They are so cool though: a Lanvin (France) frame, sort of a funky grape/mauve color. The lenses are PINK! The frame is model 2227. They are very very very lightweight and are sort of a rectangular/ovalish shape. I don't think this pair has a single imperfection on it.

Both come with rad cases (one is blue and black and rolls open, the other is shiny metal and is excellent for people who are prone to mistreating their eyewear.

If you want pictures, just PM me your email addy!

My ISO list is as follows:
Play food, esp. wooden stuff
Black Adder on DVD
Beer brewing kit/supplies
cooking, not serving, tagine
non-trademarked things pertaining to trains, trucks, heavy equipment, farms for dd
size 10 Danskos
Rosemary Gladstar herbal books
canning supplies
Stoneware pans, esp. baguette pan
Gift certificate for books
cool size 12 clothes for me, esp hoodies and red or black things, jeans, things of the genre
iPod nano accessories
a queen atlantic stove (haha)

open to so many other offers too!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts