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cool thread i "stole" from Nov ddc

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well next time I go to see my acupunturist, you know what I'm having her do!

btw, she was right last time!
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How cool! I'll try it later. I'm not awake enough to find my pulse!!

ILoveMySophie ~ So which one was stronger for you??
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That was cool, according to this I am having a girl.

I am wishing for another girl and have started to have feelings that it's a girl (wishful thinking?) mom has too. Though I had "feelings" last time and was wrong so we shall see.

Mine was weak on both sides...guess I'd better run up and down some stairs and check it again.
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mine is somewhat stronger on the right... i guess it's a boy!
the chinese gender prediction chart says it'll be a boy, too.

i HATE most shades of blue, so this only serves me right
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Right for me, which should mean boy. I hope, hope, hope for a boy. Not ready for a girl yet. I'm scared of having a daughter.
Boy for me too. Chinese gender chart says boy as well (and it was right last time too).

So maybe we will have the classic "one of each" family after all
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I couldn't find any pulse at all! lol Guess I'll try again later...
My husband did it for me and said left side stronger and I have been thinking this is going to be a girl! Both my parents felt my pulse though and insisted that both felt exactly the same---should it work better later in pregnancy??? (when I felt it I actually thought the left side felt stronger...but I must be wrong!)
WAY stronger on the right which is cool because we are all rooting for a boy here!
here is the chinese gender predictor which calcutes by your chinese lunar whatnot....

says im having a girl...which is what ive always felt!

btw has one pop up so turn on your pop up blocker
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