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Cool Wooden Toys?

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My DS goes to daycare 3 days/week with a wonderful couple who have just a few kids they watch. She is great about telling me what is interesting him as he grows and changes. Apparently now its all about TRUCKS! Not baby trucks but trucks for toddlers (I think she means Tonka type trucks).

I would like to start accumulating some wooden toys anyway so I was wondering if y'all could point me in the direction of some cool wooden toys.

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i don't know where you are located, but i just got some great wooden toys for my dd's bday at TJ MAXX (a retail discount store)...they were all "melissa and doug" brand and 50% off!!! also, check ebay and the trading post...and
I carry some beautiful hand made wooden vehicles that are made by a family run home based business and they are affordable.
Warm wishes,
Tonya is where I get some of my wooden toys

I like knitted/crocheted toys too
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