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Cooler version of the Moby?

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I really, really want to get a Moby wrap, I think i'd like that one. The only thing holding me back is that the reviewers state how warm it is to wear in the summer. I was wondering if there's a lightweight version of this anywhere?
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I have a stretchy wrap carrier that I absolutely love (not a moby but similar) and that has been my one problem--it gets pretty unbearable on a really hot day. I've been looking around for other options, and as far as wrap type carriers go, the only thing I've found that's supposed to be really lightweight is the Ellaroo. I'm planning on making an abc also. I tried out a friend's Kozy carrier on a hot day and it was a lot cooler than the wrap if a bit less comfortable. I hope someone else will be able to tell us about some sort of lightweight, cool stretchy wrap. I'd love to find one!
well, i don't exactly have an answer for you, but i have a moby wrap, and i don't consider it too hot. it gets to be about 95 degrees here in the summer. it's not exactly *cool* but not too hot for me!

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IME and according to pretty much all posts I've read, wrap-arounds are all generally pretty warm during the summer. They usually have a lot of cloth and bulk, so trap heat---this is especially true with stretchy wrap-arounds since they have to be wrapped several times for stability. I think that some woven ones can be decent in the rucksack carry or a variant, though---and a lot of the nicer ones have some diagonal stretch to help with comfort...
I love my Moby, but it already seems a little warm, and its Western Oregon here, not exactly hot, LOL... So, I'm making a summer version, non-stretchy. Look at, they have directions. Cotton gauze is recommended, and you can get it for about $4 a yard, around here. Hem the non-selvage sides, and BAM! Instant Ellaroo type carrier, for about 16-20 bucks depending on how long you want it.
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