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a friend of mine (32yo) was just diagnosed with COPD. she was never a smoker but has had severe asthma all her life. her doctor ran some test that said she has the lungs of a 110yo.

i am really worried about her. do any of you mamas know of anything that might help? or do any of you know of anyone who has dealt with COPD?
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My 28 yo brother is currently in ICU with a diagnosis of respiratory failure. He is a heavy smoker with asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, chronic bronchitis, and yearly pnuemonia and/or pluerisy. He has broken 6 ribs once from coughing so hard. He is a big guy, he weighs alot. If she has weight on her or any one of the factors that my brother has, like the apnea, I'd suggest getting her on a c-pap(?) machine to increase her night time oxygen intake. Exercise (cautiously) and practice deep breathing exercises(!!!). See a homeopath, they can cure asthma, she needs a really good practitioner. Keep me posted!
thanks ladies, anything helps. this is scary stuff...

hypnohobbit- she has all the same things as your brother, except the smoking. plus, she runs a daycare and is exposed to every icky thing out there.

we don't have any homeopaths within driving distance, unfortunately. can homeooaths do anything over the phone?
Yes, there are homeopaths doing phone consults. Many homeopaths prefer a face to face consult because personality is a big part of constitutional prescribing. In an intake, your body language, appearance, and mannerisms all leave clues to a remedy. Once a hpath has taken your case it is much easier to do phone consults because they have a good idea who you are.

Your friends case, as with my brother, needs a really good hpath. She may need several remedies over the course of treatment.

Try looking through www.homeopathic.orgfor a practitioner within a reasonable driving range or for one who would do a phone consult. Make sure your homeopath is a 'classical' homeopath.

Of course, I'd be happy to give you the name of my practitioner, who I believe is willing to do a phone consult. She will be taking my brothers case as soon as he is out of the hospital. She also is a naturopath.

Blessings and good luck! Make sure she is breathing deeply from her gut to make the best use of her lungs and to strengthen them by walking or gently exercising.
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this is scary stuff...
This is scary stuff... I know, my brother has been in ICU now for nearly 2 weeks!

If you need to talk I am here for you!
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