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dd a high needs baby has always been a v. intense child.

but i notice that lately the depth of feeling her anger has gone up exponentially.

she just feels anger so so so v. intensely.

how do i help her with coping skills while angry. how do i get her to keep her cool and not lose her head. i want to start some coping skills now. she doesnt have to be successful all the time.

there is one thing she already gets - that words hurt a lot so she always goes off to be alone when she is in the throes of anger. if i go near her she tells me to stay away so she doesnt say anything she will regret later.

she has also discovered lately that the best thing for her is to write a letter to me or to the person who she is angry with. last night she got REALLY angry with me and so she wrote her letter and then we discussed it and within minutes she felt fine.

the 3 golden rules are still hugely important - rest, food, exercise and when either of these are out of whack it shows.

she needs something physical. she cannot do breathing or even meditate. she has tried. like she describes it, she needs 'it' out. so some kind of physical outlet i am imagining? the other day seh was trying to kick the pillows and by accident kicked the wall and sprained her big toe.

thoughts, suggestions most welcome..
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