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copper IUD/ discharge?

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I had a copper IUD fitted a week ago (Nova T 380). I spotted for a few days, then that settled to a yellowish, mucusy (a bit EWCM-ish) discharge. It has no odour, i have no pain, no fever, no itching or anything. I was checked for STD's in 2006 and have been in a monogamous relationship since then.

I am wondering if this is normal? I had a Mirena for 3 years but cannot really remember what my discharge was like. This is yellowish, but not bright yellow. TBH it looks like cervical mucus and i'm not really seeing it on my underwear, only when i wipe.

I've had a few cramps since having the IUD fitted, but not for a few days now. I did have an episode of stomach pain on saturday, but it resolved when i went to the loo (TMI, but i think i picked up a mild stomach bug from a friend i saw on thursday).

My own GP is off now for a few weeks, so i'd need to see a random if i went in for this and i don't really want to. Some things i've read seem to indicate yellowish discharge is somewhat normal with the copper IUD, but of course other things say it's an infection and to hot-foot it to the doc. Any advice?
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It's probably normal discharge tinged with a tiny bit of blood. Really light spotting will cause yellowish cervical mucus. I wouldn't worry unless it gets worse or starts seeming suspect in other ways. The IUD will probably throw off your system a bit until your body adjusts.
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