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copyright ?

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Ok so I am a new WAHM on the block and have been working on a product that in a way can look like another product that is out on the market with a copyright. I own one of thesse products myself and after having it for a while I have noticed things that I would like added/changed to it and made one with the changes and additions to it for myself. I would love to make thesse and sell them because I really love the changes that I have made to it but I am wondering how many changes have to be made for it to not fall under someones copyright? I don't want to step on anyones toes I would just like to share my improvements with other mammas. If I have to I will rework my pattern and try something else. I am just really happy with what I have. Thanks!
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It's hard to say not knowing that the product is. Sometimes very small changes are enough to protect you. Also, you really don't have an issue unless the original product is patented. However, if it is a product by another WAHM or small business, then the waters get murkier. You may not be doing anything illegal in making your product, but you may make the original makers mad or may be accused of being a copycat. It's hard to say.
Yeah that is what I am worried about. I am not out to step on anyones toes. I just want to share my changes with other mamas as I really love my product since I have made the changes. Hmmm. i think I am going to think about this a lil longer and maybe see what I can do about making look a lil different but still keep it functional. THanks for the advice.
ya know, if you're really not sure, why not just ask the mom that made the original item?? That way she could let you know if she considers your changes enough and you can be on the up and up and not have her find out down the line and be upset. I'd be so much happier if the person who knocked off my item had just let me know that she was doing it and it would have saved me lots of upset and sleepless nights. has some good information on "copyright for crafters." You might want to check that out. HTH!
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