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Just in case you weren't feeling too confident in Dubya Inc.'s decision to plunk an additional 20K troops in Iraq:<br><br>
"Many of the Iraqi forces whom the U.S. is counting on to defeat Sunni Muslim insurgents, disarm Shiite Muslim gunmen and assume responsibility for keeping the peace have been infiltrated by sectarian militias and are plagued by incompetence and corruption.<br><br>
"Two weeks with American units that patrolled with Iraqi forces in west and east Baghdad found that Iraqi officers sold new uniforms meant for their troops, and that their soldiers wore plastic shower sandals while manning checkpoints, abused prisoners and solicited bribes to free suspects they'd captured.<br><br>
"During a patrol last week in a violent west Baghdad neighborhood that's the scene of regular sniper fire at U.S. and Iraqi troops, Staff Sgt. Jeremie Oliver saw Iraqi soldiers gathered in the middle of the road, near a streetlight, making them an easy target for gunmen on the surrounding rooftops.<br><br>
"Thinking that something might be wrong, Oliver, 30, of Farmington, Maine, jogged over. <i><b>The Iraqis were looking at pornography on a cell phone</b></i>."<br><br>
More here:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I've been reassured. You?
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