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cosleeping baby crying at night

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I'm Tricia. Momma to Hope (3) and Jacob (1). Jacob sleeps with us. We are all happy with that at the moment, except Jacob. He wakes several times a night and just CRIES. Inconsolable.

I'm at a loss, he's cuddled up to me and then all of a sudden--sitting up and crying.

I feel terrible for him, but I'm also just so tired.

Anyone have anythoughts?
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Did your older child get molars around that age? Could that be the case for Jacob? My 14 month old started doing that a few months ago when the molars started cutting.
My now 18 month old dd was doing that at around the same age when her molars were popping up. It also started a wake-up trend that lasted for several months! I was beside myself. I feel for you. We are just getting over it and she's finally sleeping good again. As long as he doesn't seem sick or anything during the day, no fever or unusual bowel movements; I would check his mouth, you might feel/see swelling, or a bit of white back there!
I think life is scary and kids recognize that. As much as we try to create the impression that everything is safe and wonderful, there is a reality that terrible things might happen, and mom and dad only have some control over what might happen.

Sometimes Baby wakes up and seems frightened or distressed. I just talk to her quietly and soothingly and try to convince her that - at least for right now- things are okay. She usually buys it
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It could be teething, for sure. He just seems so unhappy it is hard toimagine that teeth are the cause.
Definite swelling...teeth are brewing in most of his mouth. Its hard to believe teeth hurt this much. But maybe they do.
If it was your older child, I'd say night terrors (caught between waking and sleeping). A one y.o. sounds like teeth. Try Camemilla homeopathics? That helped a lot with our older ones.
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