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Cost of Living Santa Fe

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Single mama wondering how I would do (housing prices esp...likely renting) with 2 kiddos on my salary of 30K if I moved to Santa Fe for job.

?? TIA !!
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I'm sure there is someone better to answer your question but the COL in Santa Fe is huge, they recently passed (it did pass right) a cost of living wage. I know a lot of people who work there commute in because housing is really high.

I think a lot would depend on your childcare situtation, and what kind of area you were willing to live in, but I'd say on 30K it would be tight at best.
My kids would be at work with me...big bonus. But, yes, this is what I was thinking...COL very high. I was in Taos last year looking and found the price of housing outrageous for a nice place.

COL in Albuquerque is good. 30K would be fine here in some decent neighborhoods, but you'd have to commute... There's a new commuter train getting started, but it's not going all the way to SF yet, I don't know when they're planning on taking it all the way north.

There are other options outside SF, north of Albuquerque, like Bernalillo, and Algodones. Both cute smallish towns. Algodones is probabaly a half hour commute to SF, 20- 30 minutes to Albuquerque, depending on traffic. Or smaller mountain communities like Cerrillos or Madrid. Both would be about 45 minute commutes, also towns north of Santa Fe.

I used to commute from Albuquerque to SF, and it's not so bad, the drive is beautiful and easy, but obviously it's not very ecological, and now it would be alot more expensive.

Good luck with your decision!
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My darling Browneyed...what's going through that head of yours now?!?!
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