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Cough Medicine to make CM thinner?

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I heard about this a while back, but didn't hear the specifics or if it was true. Can anyone here let me know about there being an ingredient in cough medicine that makes your bodily fluids (including CM) thinner, which then helps the sperm get through more easily? True? Anyone try it?
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It has to have guaifenesin (but WITHOUT decongestants, they dry up mucus.)

Guaifenesin is an expectorant meaning it loosens up the mucus so it makes it easier for you to cough/sneeze out of your system... it does the same for CM.

However, whether or not it works I do not know.

I do know adding more water to your diet does help... possibly just as much.
Thanks! I had a look online and read which one to buy, yes the one with guaifenesin, with no decongestant, which in the store was the cough medicine for chesty coughs. I also read online you should take it 4 times a day which is the max daily amount, and take it for a week before your O date.

I just bought a bottle of it.

Now what about EPO to improve quality of CM too? Maybe I'll go buy some of that aswell, but im not sure the dosage, I read online 2,000mg daily. Anyone know?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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