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Cough syrup for an adult

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My chest is killing me from this cough I have. I am sending DH to the closest pharmacy. I don't know what to have him get. Any suggestions?
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I've been coughing for going on 6 weeks now... Nothing works. Not the tussin's. not the DM's. Maybe get something for nighttime so you can try to sleep it off. On thing that sort of worked for a day or two was to wrap my neck up in blankets while I slept, and wear a hat to bed (and around the house, also a turtleneck) to just heat the whole head/neck area up and sweat out of the cough.

I'm giving up tomorrow and calling the community health center to find out if I have pneumonia or mono or bird flu.
NO cough syrup, it doesn't work. The CDC just admitted as much.

Sorry, I 'm no help. I wouldn't know what the heck to get at the pharmacy.

When I get anything like a cough, cold, flu, I bring out the BIG guns:
Sodium Ascorbate Powder, Echinacea, Zinc lozenges, Sambuco, herbal worst case scenario, two tablespoons of rum in some hot tea with lemon.

Originally Posted by Gitti
two tablespoons of rum in some hot tea with lemon.
~Gitti, when i'm sick, i'm comin to your house
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