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I had severe preeclampsia with my first child and had an emergency cs at 30 weeks. He is 5 and doing great now. Last year, my daughter was stillborn at about 29w. We discovered she had died at a routine prenatal visit, when they hooked me up to a monitor after my BP had elevated and there was 3+ protein on the strip. I had no swelling, in fact had lost weight since my last appt 4 weeks earlier. After she was born, we discovered that she had died from a cord injury, a double twist right where her belly button would have been, about a week prior. There were no abruptions, and the placenta was in good shape, except for being old. The cord was swollen on the placental side and had some hemmorraging there as well, on the short side of normal. She was good size, 2 lb 6.9 oz, at an ega of 28w.

One of the nurses mentioned that it was possible for the interruption in circulation to have caused my BP to raise and protein to have spilled. My first pg, I had BP problems the whole time, and really was not well the most of the time. I was swollen up like a balloon and had a much worse time of it overall, steady increases in BP meds to keep it controlled the whole time. With the second pg, I felt good, and other than some ms, had no problems. My chronic borderline HBP was well controlled with very little med, in fact low to low normal until the last visit, with a second trimester dip. I know that PE can sneak up on you and doesn't always present the same way, but I really felt "different" the second time. In hindsight, I began to feel lousy within a few hours of when she died. For what it's worth, I ate a high protein, mostly veg diet with both pg, although I was better about the protein the 2nd time.

Would any of you wise women have any thoughts to the possibility that a problem with circulation could have caused PE symptoms? Thank you for reading and any thoughts you might have.

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