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could he be weaning!?...At nine months?!

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My nine month old hardly wants to nurse. He pulls away and cries. I try to nurse him before I offer food. He has been getting food for a few months and that didn't change anything before. I nurse on demand but yesterday he nursed at 9:30 for a few minutes and I tried again at noon and 1:00 and he wasn't interested. At 1:00 he sipped a bit but was done. My hubby says give it up he is not interested and others say he doesn't need to nurse as offen. I think he would only 2 times a day if I waited for him to "ask" for it. I know that can not be enough. My concern is if he is getting enough fluids as it is very hot. I have tried to not offer food and just nurse all day on and off to see if it is a supply thing and that just made him mad and cranky all day. I have not changed my diet too much..just healthier, but that was awhile ago. He is teething but he has been for awhile. Nothing I can think of has changed.
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Im sure your baby isnt weaning. Sounds like a nursing strike to me. Here is some info about it. Good luck!
Thanks!!! I read the article and that found it helpful. I sent it on to my hubby.
It is hard to know which or what problem is the cause to try and fix it. Either way it clears my head of feeling I need to make a choice. I can relax and know this too will pass.

Yup, that is what I was gonna say. That has "nursing strike" written ALL over it!
I hope this passes soon for you.
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Okay but do I need to give him other fluids while he is on strike? This does make sense but how do I stop it? When can you tell when it is that they are trying to wean? How and at what age. My hubby says this is a natural break and that if I cont. he may not want to wean at one year. I said "so". He really feels no more then a year.
With a baby that age, I wouldn't wait to nurse until they "ask" for it. "Don't offer, don't refuse" is actually a method of weaning. So if you're not offering to nurse with a baby that young, you're initiating weaning yourself.
I am not sure you understood. I am not tyring to wean. I offer him the breast a lot. He was every 2ish hours so I cont. with that. When this Stike started I thought he was getting older and maybe did not need/want it as often. But still tried every 3ish hours.

Whatever caused it is not as important at this point as to what I should do at this point.

Yah, sounds like a strike! I had one with my ds at that age too. They are just so busy at that age...can't fit nursing into their busy schedules!!!LOL!!

I got ds back to the breast by continually offering ALL THE TIME!!!! And the clincher was when I took a bath with him and got him all relaxed and got him to nurse in the bath. Co-sleeping also helps so that you can nurse in the evening to make up missed feedings during the day. It keeps your supply up and then when he decides he's gonna nurse more during the day, your supply will just adjust.

Just keep on offering, offering, offering....everytime you think of it. It is very rare for a baby to wean at this age and it sounds like you want to continue nursing so good luck and keep us posted! ALot of us have been there at one point or another. My ds striked at birth ( yes, possible, wouldnt latch at all.Just screamed at breast) and at 9 months. He's 27 months old and still going strong!!!!
Yup, sounds like a strike. I'm currently going through semi-strike number 2 with my 9 month old. He will nurse well when sleepy, so I can usually get him 3-4 times during his waking hours, and he makes up for whatever else he needs at night. He's just so busy and distractable. I can't NIP...heck I can't even nurse in the living room....too much going on for him to explore. Somtimes I pump just to make sure he's drinking enough (he takes a cup) or if I'm going to be out in public for several hours. I sure hope this will pass. The first one did, although it took awhile. Keep trying mama!
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