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Could I get some advice please?

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I was asking my sons doctor whether she does proof of pregnancy forms to submit to medicaid, and I found out some extra info that I am mulling over, and would like some input from UCers.

For starters, she is a crunchy osteopath GP, in a crunchy town, has a LLL certificate on her wall, and a copy of Spiritual Midwifery on her lobby.

I found out that she offers prenatal care up to 28 weeks, and then helps to get women set up with a homebirth midwife after that.
I casually asked her if she would see a homebirth baby for newborn screenings ect., and she said that she would be willing to come to our house, so we wouldn't have to make the trip. Apparently she does it all the time. Wow...

Knowing this info, I would "like" for the pregnancy/birth to go down like this...

I see her early in pregnancy to POAS, and apply for state insurance with her as my primary.
I continue though the rest of the pregnancy unassisted
I birth at home unassisted, and a couple days later, I call her, and she comes to visit, do a heel prick, and give me some sort of letter that helps me get a BC.

I think it would be nice to have someone to go to if I felt there was something wrong during pregnancy, but I am worried about how I could make this work.
I can't just say "nope I'm not planning on having a midwife" and hope that she is supportive, YK? Once it's out, it's out.

Is there any way I can make this work?
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seems to me that this is an excellent process.

she can connect you with a midwife and you can choose not to make that connection, or you can be upfront and tell her about UC. she may be open to it (moreso than other doctors, that's for sure).

good luck either way.
Sounds like a great doc! Too bad the ones around here are so old school, that's why I have to do a UC, not that I mind. No law saying you 'have' to call a midwife, sometimes the babies just 'fly' right out, no warning at all...
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Originally Posted by crissei View Post
...I see her early in pregnancy to POAS...
Help me here, I couldn't get POAS from context.

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POAS = Pee On A Stick (aka pregnancy test)
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