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Also watch for athsma as a cough can signify its starting.
but my first child who has no health problems, never been sick, never had an infection, antibiotics....used to cough as a baby for no reason, just to get attention, make a noise.

and get new pillows every 6-12 months.
=doesn't anyone bleach their pillows once a week?
am i that odd? i put two in one on each side for balance, works for feather or fill put it on hot, a little bleach, detergent whatever you wish and go.
dry with a tennis ball for fluff.

i was my down duvets once a week = no problems I've had one of them for 6 years and the outside isn't even wholey yet! i am looking for a dust mite proof bed.... search is still on thinking tatami but....

If you have her outside, give her a bath (keeps pollen off of skin/hair).
also keep outdoor clothes shoes, outside the house.

look at your detergents, etc anything that 'contacts' her, impacts her.
good luck!
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